How to take great photo booth pictures with Keepsake photo booth rentals Toronto

Find out why we do what we do - and how we manage to capture that gold we see in each person that comes through our booth!



Hey! My name is Alexandra Lee and I spent 6 years running my own wedding photography business, Young Hearts Photography, until a little photo booth side-project I started became a bigger passion of mine. I found I was really drawn to the light, fun and authentic way I could capture people's emotions in the few minutes I had with them in a photo booth, and couldn't help but want to do more of it!


To help you let loose and have fun with us in the booth because that's when we think you're looking your best!


The Classy Booth has a 10 x 15 foot layout. We work with a white background and a tried & true light set up that makes everyone look like a million bucks! We interact with you, from behind the camera and have real time photo playback of the images we're catching on a display.


In a time where fake mustaches and funny hats reign we prefer a classier approach and are all about creating great timeless photos of you and your guests looking your best. Let us tell you how we do things differently:

Keepsake has a pretty stead-fast ‘no distractions’ stance to our photos – We edit in black and white and avoid using props. But don't get us wrong, We do it out of love! Props are great, but we're much bigger fans of just you - happy and looking great. We want these to be the photos you love and keep coming back to five, ten, even twenty years from now.

Why edit in black & white? Facial features and emotions stand out better in black and white and provide a timeless look.